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Try These

1. LOW BLOOD PRESSURE persons try drinking one or two glasses of Shreejal daily and see the result.

2. To LOSE WEIGHT, try drinking one glass Shreejal 15 minutes BEFORE every meal & see the reduction in weight.

3. To INCREASE WEIGHT, try drinking one glass Shreejal AFTER every meal & see the increase in weight.

4. Give Shreejal every one hour to persons with burn injuries, see burning / itching sensation reduced & injuries fast recovering.  

5. To Detoxify, Moisturize, Hydrate, try applying directly on skin and see.

6. If you are exhausted, tired, or feel weak, or drowsy, drink one glass Shreejal; you will see feel rejuvenated.

7. For urinary tract burning sensation, try one glass Shreejal every two hours, see burning sensation gone or greatly reduced.

8. To soothe sunburns, try adding to bath water and see the soothing.

9. To  reduce breakage & loss of hair, try applying to hair, massage & leave for about an hour & see the difference. 

10. In case of vomiting, try one glass Shreejal every two hours, and see the difference.


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