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Your ShreeJal coconut water product is super.
Please make this product available in more shops.
Shreenivas. Mob: *******222.

Congrats for a good product !
My daughter had brought a few sachets of  Shree Jal Coconut Powder from Mumbai and I found it quite good and useful.
Can you please let me know whether you have any dealer / stockiest in Chennai or where the product is
available in Chennai?
If not can I order out directly with you?
What is the price and minimum order qty?

Regards, A. Raman. Tel: 044-*****250

Recently we bought packet of 200 sachets from Bandra West. 
We are very happy with the product.
Pl guide me to how I can get your supply.
I am staying in Juhu scheme.
K. Pandit, Juhu, Mumbai. Mob-*******918.

Firstly, I congratulate you for developing fantastic product line in health care domain. 
I would like to be a part of your esteemed lifestyles International Organization. 
K. Gajewar, B.Com, MBA (Finance), Navi Mumbai, Mob-*******007.

Dear Mohan Sir,
I'am Sunil. I have done my B.Tech & MBA-Marketing from NIT Warangal.

We found your product to be genuine and are willing to distribute the same in great extent in tirupathi & tirumala. 
Regards, Sunil Kumar, B.Tech, MBA.

I was offered at someone's house and just happened to taste your product.
It was amazing.
I told this to few of my acquaintances, who 
are in such (FMCG) business and asked them to contact you. 
A. Dugar. Mob- *******502.

I tried one sachet of Shree jal coconut water today.
It is very fantastic.
It was offered to me by one of my friend.
Now I need to ask regarding the home delivery for this product.
J. Chavan, Thane.

"श्रीजल" I personally found this  product  very useful.
Thanx for this product  
रुपेश राजेंद्र मेहता , अकोले ( अहमदनगर )

I have tried Shreejal which was given it to me by a friend, I was wondering if you can courier 2 cartons to Auckland for me please?
Can you let me know the price per carton(units in a carton) & Courier charges please ?
Kind Regards, Vaibhav, Auckland.

We use your shreejal product  &  i would like to say that your product is best.
But I buy your product in somewhere in Mumbai region, I am living in Pune,
so, pl send me retailer /distributor names for your shreejal product for Pune region. 
Sharu. Pune

I have tested Shreejal and looking to purchase the product in US.
Where can I purchase Shreejal in USA in Washington DC area? Do you ship orders to US?
What will be approximate shipping cost  to US for 11 gm sachet bags of 100 if not available locally in DC area?
Thanks. Prashant. Washington DC, USA.

Liked your product of coconut powder in pouches. Can you please tell me where it is available in Deccan area Pune?
Thanks and Regards, A. Gopal. Mob: *******155.

First let me thank you and the team involved in bringing a beautiful product like
"Shree Jal Coconut Water" Instant Drink Powder.
This has been very much loved by my 10 years daughter to 80 years father.  
Kindly send me the link to buy online. 
I will be very much happy, if you can respond to my below given Email or Cell. Anand K., Hospet (Bellary - Karnataka).

Do you export ShreeJal to USA?
Is it available in any stores here?
M. Bodhanwala. Texas. USA.  

Two days back i went madaras. I found your product of ShreeJal.
I purchased 10 pouch pack and I bought to my house and I have given to my kids.
They said it is same like coconut water.
Then I also took. 
It is nice. Vishwanathan Atyam. General Manager- Sales. Hyderabad. Mob: *******229, *******

I had tasted this product in Thane Mumbai and liked it.
I would like to know if you have your distributors in Bangalore, I would like to buy the sachets for daily use.
Pls inform me with the information. Thank you. Rashmi H. Bangalore.

hi, i like your product & interested for distribution. 
i have got my own wholesale medicine shop in bhavnagar city in gujarat state since 13 yrs.
i generally deal in otc product.
kindly call. chirag r. bhavnagar. gujrat. 

I am a resident in UK and a friend who travelled to India brought back some sachets of shreejal and gave me a couple of sachets.
I was wondering where I can buy shreejal when I travel to India in near future.
Are they widely available in supermarkets or shops in Mumbai? 
Kind regards. GV. UK.

Hi ShreeJal Team,
I regularly drink ShreeJal, I must say it is a very good product and a healthy initiative.
Recently the retailer (in 
Bhubaneswar, Odisha) I use to purchase ShreeJal sachets from,
has exhausted his 
stock and is unwilling to procure the product due to certain unknown reasons.
However I am interested in purchasing two big packs of 
I was looking for some wholesaler/retailer address in 
Bhuabaneswar (preferably near Patia)
from your Customer Care or some 
alternative arrangements where I can directly purchase it online from you.
Awaiting a quick response. Regards, Piyasha. Bhubaneshwar. Odisha. Mob: *******333.

 i have tested " shreejal" at my friend place.
 its really tasty & Healthy electrolyte drink. 
 I want to have these sachets for own domestic use.
 May I know how can purchase : shreejal" powder sachrts.
 I belong to Sangli City, Mharashtra.
 Is there any dealer in Sangli?
 If not, can you deliver it through courier?
 How can I make payment? 
 Whats the minimum quantum i need to place? etc etc.
 Kindly reply. With regards. Jayant Sovani.

respected sir, 
thank u sir appney shreejal k packets badlapur k shop may dispatched kiya,

to ab muj waha say shreejal mil rahey hai. thanks a lot. bye t.c. g.d. Vaibhav B. Badlapur.

I am currently residing in Delhi and I would like to bring to your notice that during my recent visit to Gujarat I was introduced to your product,
"Shree Jal Coconut Water".
It took me just one glass of coconut water made using your product to become a regular user.
I believe that such a concept is still not very common in the northern Indian Region and I wish to start a franchise of this product in Delhi and adjoining areas.
I would like to speak to you regarding this and would also request you to arrange a meeting if possible.

Thanks & Regards, Kunal T. New Delhi. Mob: *******476, *******362. Sent from BlackBerry® on Airtel

I have tasted shreejal, really nice.
I wanted to start a agency in 
karnataka, please feel free to contact me. My mob num *******578. 
With regards. Dr. Rajesh B. Udupi. Karnataka.

Thank you for introducing such a fabulous product in the market which is I am sure afford ably priced by one and all. 

I was gifted a whole big bag of sachets by my sister-in-law who was visiting us from the UK . 
I have been consuming it since a month now, and quite frankly it is like coffee addiction...but a good one.

I am a RAW food (veg) chef and would want to use the product all the time and my husband is a practising Ayurveda consultant and would want to recommend it to his patients. With warm regards. Malini Patel.

Today I experienced the taste of your SHREEJAL and I am impressed with its taste.
Thanks. Bhaskar Sathe.

I liked your product Shreejal very much but could not find them in Pune.
Request you to send me 50 packs of sherejal to my home address in pune.
Pls let me know the amount and mode of payment.
Rajeshwar Rao Tangellapalli.

 I have tried this product and found very suitable .
Tamhane Kamalakant (Sr citizen).

We are the regular users of Shreejal and have got good experience of your quality product.
We are interested in making the bulk purchase of Shreejal Sachets. Anita Gokhale. Mob: *******150).

I am a distributor & supplier of  medical instruments for hospitals in Pune region. I am very much interested in this product  Shreejal for hospitals of my region. Dr. Parag Gujarathi. Pune. Tel - 020-*******3, Mob- *******042.

Recently we were introduced to your product 'Shreejal" by our dietitian.
It is a fantastic product.
Now we are regular consumer.
Swati Pandit.

hi, i am living in Dubai.
i and my kids are so much fond of your Shreejal coconut redefined drink...its really very nice.
i would like to ask you that how i can get that sachets in Dubai...or
do you have any supplier in Dubai so i can contact them..thank you so much...
Shadab Hamza. Dubai.

We are from Kolkata South, recently we bought your product from Chennai, for personal consumption.
Now we are interested to get business proposal from your side. Chandan Das. Kolkata. Mob: *******111 / *******944.

I have ordered from you previously & really like the product.
Hence i would again like to order 100 Sachets of Shreejal Coconut water. 

Mandar D Kulkarni. Vile Parle(East), Mumbai. Mob: *******311.

I have tasted Shreejal sachet and found the product extremely good and convenient. 
Nita Pawar. Powai. Mumbai. Mob: *******991.

Thanks for unique benifit's product.
Deepak A. Patel. Ahmedabad. Mob: *******989.

We  have  tested  your  ShreeJal  and  liked  it  very  much. 
Congratulations  for  such  excellent, healthy  product.
B.C. Sutaria. Bandra (West). Mumbai. Tel: *****662.
I just had a glass of Shreejal coconut drink.
I just wanted to know from where can i get some samples or packet of shreejal cocnut drink powder ?
i know the place from where i get the achet.. but, i wanted a big packet of it ?
And it would be really very nice if you could let me know the Price for that packet ?
Viva Solanki. Mulund. Mumbai.

I stay in S B rd,Pune.
I liked your product and i wish to buy 100 sachet .
Kindly provide me the address of distributor or the procedure to order it online.
Dhiraj Marda. Pune.

I have recently drank your shreejal made from shreejal coconut water sachets .
And I liked it .I must admit , You have innovated a nice  drink.

I want to order 100- 500 sachets of the same .
Pl let me know the ordering process and in how many days I will get the supply .and the rates for bulk order .
Kavita Lahoti. Jalna. Maharashtra. Mob: *******786. Sent from BlackBerry®.

I'm very much impressed with your "Shree Jal Coconut Water"
and would like to buy 50 sachets.
Harsh Kashyap. Bangalore. Mob: *******877.

I am once again interested in purchasing an additional 3 bags of coconut water from you. 
Can you please tell me what your price will be now for the 3 bags (100 sachets per bag)? 
Cinderella C. Los Angeles. CA. USA.
 Sent from my iPhone.

im from jodhpur rajasthan n want yours shreejal coconut water product .
so how can i get it.
akshay jain. jodhpur. rajasthan. Sent from Samsung Mobile.

I am very interested in your instant shreejal coconut water powder.
Can you please tell me whether you supply this to any Singapore companies as I would like to buy some?

B. Thompson. Singapore.

Hello, first congratulations for your Shreejal, it is fabulous .
We are regular users of your Product. 
Your product is very famous with our families in canada , london.
Regards, Aijaz Rizvi. Sent from my BlackBerry®

I’m a  resident of  India  but living in UAE .
Firstly I would  like to take the opportunity to mention your product ShreeJal has truly helped me, hence I have written this mail.
Please let me know how much these ShreeJal sachets cost as I have been unwell since last week and having this I am able to at least consume water and then eat food.
Please assist if I require 500 sachets .
How much would  it cost me and I would also like  to know  if it could be delivered to me in Dubai.
Probably I’m asking for too much, but believe me I need help hence requesting for assistance.
Please do let me know if it would be possible at all. 
Liselle Fernandes. Dubai.

I appreciate you for your success and achievement in the field of Coconut water powder product.
Through your well established in-house infrastructure and knowledge of the product, you can supply us with best quality product for marketing. B.K. Agrawal, Managing Director, C N Pvt. ltd. 

Our company is very interested in getting more information on your product "ShreeJal Instant Coconut Water Powder",
to market in our region. 
G. González. San Juan. Puerto Rico.  Tel: *******132.

 I , just tasted SHREE JAL , Really good in taste Original flavor of COCONUT.
Vilas A. Nagpur, Maharashtra.

There has been a very good response from general public of Your Shree Jal Coconut Water, which was provided by me as special treat in my house.
T. Guha. Odisha.

I am a regular buyer of your powdered coconut water. Its a great product, I like it.
Md. Jawed Ahmed. Parel. Mumbai. *******225.

I have used your cocount water power . Must say its a great product tastes really good . 
Shefi Mohamed.

i am residing in pune and i am trekker i use your shreejal coconut water regularly, but i want the packets in bulk ie 100 packets for every two months. vikas k.

I tasted your Shreejal product sachet. It really tastes as real NARIAL PANI,
N. BAID. Mob: *******600. CHURU. RAJASTHAN.

The benefits of tender coconut water have been told to me by my mother.
Curious about the sachet when I first saw it- I decided to try it.
I purchased 5 nos. of sachets from a shop. The drink was liked by all of us at home. Congratulations!!
This was in April 2012. I have been regularly purchasing them for the past 2 and half months.

We had your instant coconut water drink powder, & found it really good. 
A. Singhi. Indore. Madhya Pradesh.

I used your Shreejal sachet powder and i like it.
I want to buy more...
Kirti Patel. Valsad. Gujarat.

And many many many more...........................................

We, the 'ShreeJal Team' are very Grateful to you all for the excellent feedback. 
Your appreciation is greater than any award for us.




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